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Design Details

Once the order is confirmed, all design details will be thoroughly studied and clarified with the client and the design consultants to make clear requirements and expectations.

Our concept is

l  Minimize component parts to ease future inventory management at client;

l  Maximize use to component parts to increase flexibility.

Benchmark samples
When required benchmark samples will be prepared for client and designer approval. Finishes samples will be submitted for approval.

Order Process and Production Scheduling

The order will be processed according to the finalized and approved floor plans. The production schedule will be based on the phasing program from the Main Contractor or the Project Manger.

Meeting and Communications
As one part of the entire project team, we are prepared to interface and coordinate with other parties. We will attend to meeting and communicate with other parties regarding the program phasing and requirements to plan our logistics. We shall integrate with the master program with regard to joinery, partitions, electrical, carpet works etc.

Delivery and Handling at site
Goods will be transported to the unloading bay of the site building for delivery upstairs. Since furniture is considered “bulky products”, we require booking of the cargo lifts in advance of delivery. If possible at site, we recommend that a space will be assigned for the furniture “turnaround” for sorting and distribution.

The installation will be carried out by trained workers under the supervision of experienced project managers. The installation team will be divided into different teams who will take up tasks of internal delivery, debris removal and cleaning.

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